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think! think! think!

A never ending story

La Tahzan Ya Suhailie

Alhamdullilah, again and again , I got test from Allah..
Praised to Allah a lot for it..
because of a test, i know how to manage my life,
I know my weaknesses,
I know myself,
I know who are around me,
Thank Allah for it, U show me the way,
I know I should never loose hope,
I still have my family and friends around me,
I'm happy with it..
I'm should not blame anyone for my own fault..
Allah knows what happened..
the thing that I do not know is to put thing in my head into words..
that's my weaknesses.
WHY I ought to be positive?
because my life does not change at all even though people ignore me..
my life is to obey Allah and follow the prophet Muhammad's messages..

Keep in mind 1 thing and dont ever say " I got BIG problem" but always
say " Hey problem!! I got a BIG Allah"..

keep smiling and be positive because Allah always by your side..=.)