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~ ismi suhailie wa ana uhhibu wardah~

I realize that I really love roses. I know why,
because it is beautiful and makes me calm.
For me, roses show the greatness of Allah,
I just paste this on my wall because, I love rose so much
and i do not how to express my admiration into words.
So, here it is.

Allah creates us as the best creation..
appreciate things around us

p/s: Noor Suhailie, please finish up your assignment now!!! stop dreaming =.)

which one?

Dear me,
Life is about choosing your ways. which ways you want to go.
I heard somewhere before, " Stop giving excuses, you can choose, u choose lah
- you the one who colour your own destiny.
but then if you feel lost, back to HIM, because He got the right answer for every single thing. Now I'm lost, it's not about choosing between 2 ways but among the thousand roads..
be patience

First week of my second semester

I'm still confuse, I do not know which one to choose, either change mode of study from coursework and research or change it to coursework only. I'm interested in doing research but my problem is I do not believe in myself. I keep thinking about it for the whole last semester and I continue to think about it this semester..duh!!! I make myself confuse even though I know it shouldn't be like that..

May Allah help us in what we do.Amin =.)

Rapid Lady Bus for the fairer sex ( credicted to the star online)

KUALA LUMPUR: RapidKL Bus has introduced the Rapid Lady Bus service that will provide services exclusive to women during peak hours on selected routes.

RapidKL Bus chief operating officer Datuk Mohamed Hazlan Moha­med Hussain said the special bus service is intended to provide more comfort and security to women while protecting them from sexual harassment and incidences of space jostling in congested confines of the bus during peak hours.

“This is based on the feedback received from our customers, especially women, who shared their experiences of traveling during peak hours,” Hazlan said.

A “women only” icon will be displayed on parts of the bus including the LED screens to differentiate it from other buses.

The trial run is being conducted with additional buses on seven routes with high passenger volumes.

The Rapid Lady Bus services are available daily in the mornings from 6.45am to 7.30am and evenings from 6pm to 6.45pm.

The morning routes cover the areas of Pinggiran Batu Caves, Daman­sa…

Hello IIUM, I’m back!!!

With a blink, I’m here in PG 3.3, but still I cannot get into my room. Huhuhu
Last late afternoon, I arrived at Mahallah Asiah at 6.05 p.m and office is closed at 6. I’m late , it is only about 5 minutes… so stressful. But then my brother and sister in-law drove me outside the campus. We went to Taman Bolton, Sri Gombak. We ate there and I tried hard to seek for my appetite but everything went wrong. I really did not want to eat. Deep in my heart, I do not want to go back to IIUM, I feel so sick. I feel like going to a place that not belongs to me. My feeling is very different from my Undergraduate life. I’m alone without Cik T. I feel lost. Ya Allah, please help me. I really need to curb this problem before I’m going insane. Waaaaaaa...

Back to school =.)

Muharram month welcomes me just a few days ago.
It gives a sign that new day has comes.
New life, new breath, new spirit and the most important thing,
I need to turn to a new leaf. It will be a new me and now I'm back to school.
I need to wake up early in the morning...duhhH!!! again..?
I'm going to work and class..
I'm thinking of changing my job but I love my job.
meeting peoples and managing peoples...

All the best SUHAILIE =.)