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This are them.
They are my siblings.
My first elder brother who got married 1 year ago.He's very strict.
My second elder brother just got married (2 weeks ago). He's funny
Thank for them for give me sisters.
I'm the only "flower" in family.
I never feel alone but I need another girl to help me to grow up sweetly.
Judin butuk is my lovely younger brother.He is a mysterious boy.
All of us got "muke ketat". hahaha

I wrote this post because I miss the so much.
Even though , there are for of us, I'm thankful to Allah because I'm not alone.
When I sick ,they got worried too much more than I do.
Love all =.)

Never give up, never wrap up

Assalamualaikum me,HELLO..

Alhamdulilahilazi ahyana ba'dama amatana wailaihinusyur. This is the first praise to Allah we would say when we wake up every morning. Thank you to Allah for giving us another opportunity to see the world, to meet the people, to continue our routine.
As the entry says " Never give up, never wrap up", it is a reminder for me.why? this is because I almost to give up when my course-mates scold, they make me down, but I know, Allah plans me something. That's how a life should be (up and down), it is your fault or not, it doesn't matter, who strong will able to win, but it's not my time. After that, my stressful level increases to 50% due to my slip disc problem. I keep thinking, are these problem show that I am a bad person. no! no! and no! . Allah knows my abilities. I am a strong girl. "la yukalifullahunafsan illa wus aha,laha ma kasabat wa alaiha maktasab" --> Allah gives you something that you'll able to do it. SO,…

Waiting for the day that I can say " I'm free from slip disc"

This is what happen to me.
it's so painful, no word can be utter.
I'm really worried about my mom,
she cries all the hours when she called me.
the word that I keep going to use to my mom even everyone.. "I'm Okay"
Don't worry about me =.)
I'm a strong girl. i'm a big girl.
Alhamdullilah .. I'll write about slip disc story later when 100% cure from this problem.. =.)