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Suhailie's journey continue

Dear my Blog ( 29/3/2011) ,
Out of sudden, I feel enthusiastic about finishing my master's degree and starting to think about my thesis's topic. At the end, I want to end up with a good career.
Even though I spend inordinate amount of time to think about my life,life must go on.
No one could stop me from steadily walking, except ALLAH.

It's almost 6 p.m . I want to go back Bandar Saujana Putra =.)

I've got inferiority complex ?

Absolutely.. NO NO NO NO NO NO and NO..
why this question suddenly arise within me,
is it because I feel jobless even though I got a job now?
is it because of my slipped disc problem?
is it because I feel like I know nothing about my field of study?
is it because I'm to scare about my mysterious future?

I think I should not intimidated with my mom's dream..
It should be an encouragement for me..

Ya Allah, you know me better.. keep me strong ..
I quote somewhere , and I like it "A humble person is a happy, content, grateful person who thanks God for his blessings and has no notions of his own superiority"

I just write what I want.. that's it =.)

I'm crazy yet still cute

I've been indulge myself in study since 6 years old
and now, I'm 24. After finishing my degree, I straightly continue my master's degree.
duh!!! I choose that path because

1) I do not know what I want to do in my life.
2) I do not know whether I'm ready to be a worker
3) I think that is the best choice for me , since I'm still young
3) I just do it ( Follow the flow n rely on my favourite word "Allah plans me something, follow the flow and study hard)

but my problem is, I can't wait to be a worker.
Aims = 25 years old = Being an English Lecturer = manage to get 3K every months = get married with Mr. Rose Hijau = own my own car .. Amin..

I talk nonsense, but I mean it =.)

scary dream

Dear my bloggy,
today is 8th march 2011..
it is almost 3 months i suffer from slip disc (SD)..
but my SD still loves me =.p
nothing I can do,except pray for own-self..
ok..let's back to my topic..
last nite I got scary dream.
a man named usop(hantu kak limah balik umah), he scared me.
i found myself in my house at kg bendang nyior,
even though I stayed at bulong's house at bandar saujana putra..
and then i called my mom... but i have no voice, i start to scream
ahhhh..ahhhh..ahhhh.. my hand could not move,
i said to myself wake up suhailie..wake up..
but then i heard bulong and kak shira's voice.
i opened my eyes n start to weep..
"i'm so scared" "i'm scared" .. "he"'s on my hand.
waaaa... they said " its nothing .. "ngigau je tu"
lalala.. i stand up and pull my blanket and sleep with them..

* my brain cannot stop think whether "that house is haunted" or "usop memang menganggu tidur i"