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Great megapixel wallpaper

This link brings you to a link that might amaze you with great megapixel of computer wallpaper. do enjoy !! =.)


Alhamdullilah, praise to Allah.. He gives me a test again. 10th of April 2011 , "painful" attacks me again.. it not slip disc but muscle sprain. it does painful.i cannot move my right hand, =.( .. I went to clinic, but I rose up one more problem within me, I don't believe in that doctor's words. I felt like, she does give me medicine on sake of meeting a patient. waaaa... I should not be like that, it makes me worry about every single things around me. I need to pay RM50 for the consultation and medicines. ayooo!! my money flies into the doctor's purse.huh!! please bear in mind, that's her "Rezki". I try to search for another alternative to release my muscle's problem.. then, I use PANAFLEX..hee.. lega ckit rase rather than keep shouting. Do find the alternatives , suhailie!!! Allah always with you =.)

Rasulullah s.a.w telah bersabda yang maksudnya:”Bahawa Allah telah menurunkan penyakit dan ubat dan dijadikan kepada setiap penyakit ada ubatnya…