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A sing with my mobile phone on the top of roof because I am superb (Aku menyanyi dengan mobile telefon aku di atas bumbung rumah sebab aku memang teror)

I copy this from my friends blog su_ebah .. let's have fun

I got my entry from my besday.. hahaha..damn funny =.)

1-Ambil ayat dari bulan korang lahir:

January--------aku sepak
February-------aku lompat atas
March-----------aku karate
April-------------aku cium
May--------- ----aku terajang
June-------------aku peluk
July--------------aku buat sardin dengan
August-----------aku makan dengan
September------aku menari dengan
October----------aku menyanyi dengan
November-------aku jelir lidah kat
December-------aku lari keliling

2-Ambil ayat dari hari lahir korang

1------- burung hantu
2------- makluk asing
3--------public phone
4------- basikal aku
5------- lelaki salji
6------- gangster kampung
7--------mobile telefon aku
8--------hantu jepon
9--------kawan baik nenek aku
10-------kawan lembu aku
11-------cikgu lama aku
12-------kerbau ayah kawan aku
13-------ahli bomba
14-------lembu mak aku
15-------kambing ayah aku
16-------kapak mak aku
17-------lesung batu
18-------pedang aku

Another family

Assalamualaikum my blog,
my entry to 31st of may 2011 is Another family,
My adopted family at Kg sungai air tawar, sabak bernam..
me as kak ngah, kak aini as kak long, fadd as kak chik and our eldest sister is ira as ira.. At this beautiful sg air tawar, i got two wonderful families.. my first family consist of daddy , mummy and ten siblings ( 1 handsome twin). my second family i got ayah,umi, and 4 siblings.I love them much after my real family at my Kg bendang Nyior. I just write what i want , even i do not know what i'm talking about.hehehe..

Nora Elena TV3

I am Tv3's drama addict.. huhu
After awhile watching those drama series , i come across one thing, i love to make comment on everything.. waaaaa.. (mcm la I pandai sgt) but I can't stand to shut my mouth off. Even I can read the storyline. what will happened next n etc.. and i found a typical Malay movie ,At last, I know why some people don't prefer to watch Malay movies. But I still keep watching.. actually, i've nothing to write but i want to write and this is what i'm writing..huahuahua.. miss MRCD


I used to write to-do list all the time when I busy..
I called it as fragmentation of suhaili'e brain..
due to too much of thinking something that's not important..