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NOTA FIKIR UNTUK ZIKIR by Ust pahrol mohd Juoi

Assalamualaikum, I'm Suhailie and Suhailie never live well without motivation. I got my motivation from my environment especially books. I love to read book, but after I got my Slip disc, i became lazy to read, but I still love to buy book.. haha.. even though I do not read it, Last June, I bought a book entitled " Nota Zikir utuk Fikir" . This book motivates me alot. It's simple and just nice . The important feel that come out from my heart is that this book is really close to me (reader) .. One of the chapter is talking about lizard, not "cicakman", i just putting the picture there since I do not have any idea to paste out here. Alright, back to the story of the lizard. Lizard is an animal that have a long tongue and does not have wing. It cannot fly, very "ugly" (for me) but it an amazing animal, it never give up in it life, lizard does not look at it's weaknesses, even though it does not have strong body,wings, strong leg to look for food…

finish it suhailie!!!

la yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus aha..laha ma kasabat wa alaiha maktasabat.. out of sudden, i feel so tired with thinking .. i want to freely swimming by following the flow without anybody push me.. even my mr .green.. Allah with us.. be positive.. just a word.