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Clown standing in front of class

This entry topic just represent me (today only)
today I got two presentation
and I know both are not satisfy me and the lecturer.
but my lecturer says " don't worry, you can improve later"
hmm out of sudden, I really hate my self being awkward in front of class and starts to present nonsense.
yes, I do have present what I got, but it's not really suit the environment.
most of my classmates are lecturers, student who with experience, got straight A's for previous subjects and most important thing, they good in using the English language.
I'll try my best .. but what is the definition of term "best"?
ahhh.. just rambling somewhere to let this feeling out from my mine.

Missing home ~

I wholeheartedly miss my family..
layan lagu sehabis baik by ana raffali..

Buka mata buka hati (Ya Allah, open my eyes n heart)

Ya Allah, open my eyes n heart, Allah please shines me with Nur,
thousands sin I commit during my journey of life,
you the ONLY could help me,
I can't be perfect to love you, but I try hard for it,
without your hidayah, I'm lost.

~when I feel up and down~

Dear world,
As a human being, we tend to have up and down circle of life ,
and today I feel so blur, tired and down,

Then, as usual I start to read something that can calm me,
I've found this blog and I really enjoyed it.
It motivates me much, and it makes me ponder..
he gives such a unique view of life,it is really close to my human heart.
it is GENTA RASA Blog by Ustaz Pharol
Every single word that he puts in a paraphrase really injected deep in to my heart..

Alhamdulilah for everything..

It's 11.36pm already.. I need to start study because I have 3 presentations to be done this week.

P/S : I miss my mom and dad so much.. =.(

I feel like to write in Malay

I feel like to write in Malay language,
but I can't. why? because I want to improve my English writing skill, no matter what , whether my English "ruin". my grammar "chaos".I ought to write in English. High motivation level in need..

12th september 2011

Assalamualaikum readers,
today is 12th of September 2011..
and now,I'm here in IIUM.. waaa.. i'm back to school.. again..
no pain.. life must goes on..
back to school is something that i'm waiting friend, new environment, new life, new views, everthing is new except my teeth.lalala..
tommorow i'll start my part time job and my class.. even though I'm a part timer at kuliyah of economic. I really thankful to Allah because brings my life back.. I plan to do this and that but then He decides every single thing..that's all.I write this because i feel to do writing..hehe..tata