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My 24th birthday wish that i will never forget till my last breath

Assalamualaikum.. today is 7th October 2011, it's my birthday.. I'm 24 years old..
waahhhh... I'm getting old and hoping that I'm getting wiser..
last night , 12.00a.m a song cover by maddie jane "just the way you are",got into my soundly sleep.. the sleeping beauty princess wake up and answer the call. oh no !! MR. hijau call me at midnight.. he never done that before, waiting for 12 midnight to wish me " selamat hari lahir, sue" please don't sulk and hoping me to be a better friend, lover and wife soon.. He wishes me on and on.. oh! I will sleep as sound as i could tonight, I don't need any gift from him, I just need his wish..

change topic.. for this 24th birthday anniversary, I wish to be A good Muslimah and become rajin rajin n rajin..

briefly on ELT methodology : principles and practice's book by Malaysian Author

This book comprises into 3 part. First part of this book focuses on theoretical perspectives in learning language, second part is on the practice of teaching which describing on how to teach the four famous skills in learning language and the last one will be on testing and evaluation. This book refers the learning environment in Malaysia's classroom. The language use in the book very simple and really help the reader to understand the content.

p/s: next week, i'll be presenting on the topic teaching listening skills.. Even though , I do not have much experience as my classmate, I try my best to explaining it in class. thank you Allah