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keep writing

I'm gonna do my dissertation. oh no! It just like a big ghost chase me up and I keep running. At night, I could not even sleep well for this.I keep thinking but doing nothing. Every morning, when I open up my eyes, my brain starts to work and I think of a better day, the day that I could wake up late and having my breakfast without thinking of something that burden me. I hope that I will not never drawn in November's flood.

7 presentations and 3 written papers to go !!!

Such a hectic life, but that is what my life is about.
I need to be strong in this journey.
Everyday,after my class I'll trudge along the way to mahallah Asiah.
my mind keep thinking "oh ! what a shame" . but I always be positive,
there will be sunrise for you because you're a positive person and you know that Allah always with you.My adolescence's life did not need hand phone, video games, internet access to be happy but now all these gadgets and technologies make me sick.
sick with own procrastination and it as ingrained within me. you can do it!!

We're are the champions!!!

I heard people said : "bola tu bola , mcm2 boleh jadi".
for me, everything bases on concept of "kun fayakun" .. If Allah wants it happened, it will happen however it is ..