Stress and examination fever sem 1, 2011/2012

stress starts .. waa a lot of books to read.. help me !!! who will help you?

superman? supermannnn help me !!! waaa

superman can't help you. you can help yourself.. ok.. ok.. let read.. anyone please don't disturb me. I need to focus

haa.. but then, we can cheat in examination.. oh no! this is illegal and prohibited .. Syaitan .. please go away.. Again, please don't disturb me!!

hmm.. this should be a better medicine for the examinees

okay guys.. let's moving on .. don't give up ..

prays for friends and us

prays for everyone.Dua' is the best medicine after an effort

ok done .. read smartly dont read blindly, put an effort , dua' and tawakkal..
before that.. dear all my friends, please forgive me for everything that i've done. thanx .. let's fight!!!!!


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